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By completing this form you are simply making an inquiry about becoming a part of SmartNet. Any information we receive will be held in the strictest of confidence and only used to get you the information you have requested. Currently there are 2 types of data services offered by SmartNet, Static Corrections or Full Access (both Real Time and Static Corrections).  If you are requesting access to Static Corrections, your request will be processed and you will receive an activation confirmation in 24-48 hours.  If your request is for Full Access, your local SmartNet representative will contact you to discuss the available options and pricing for your area.

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You may review the SmartNet Terms & Conditions for the network usage here.


SmartNet Strengthens Construction Offerings

SmartNet North America extends GNSS Network advantages into the Machine Control market with addition of Site Licenses to its suite of Products & Services Read More

SmartNet for the Sooner State

SmartNet is on the horizon for the Sooner State. SmartNet Oklahoma will be launching in the coming weeks and the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors are getting a sneak peek! Read More

Why SmartNet?

SmartNet is truly unique in the industry, between understanding customers' needs, developing and using the latest GNSS technologies, and having the people and process to offer support that is second to none, SmartNet provides unparalleled flexibility for its users in the field.
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About Us

SmartNet was built to provide high-precision, high-availability Network RTK corrections for any application, using any constellation, while at the same time being open to all. Using industry standard Network RTK messages, users of SmartNet can expect centimeter-level accuracies tied to a common datum.
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SmartNet offers its users many uniqure features and benefits, none of which matter if it doesn't save you time and help your bottom line. Take some time and see how SmartNet can benefit you and your company to maximize your use of GNSS positioning.
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