SmartConnect Data Services

As the pace of projects increases we have all become reliant on easy access to the Internet. SmartNet quickly recognized the frustration customers experienced trying to get quick and easy access to the Internet on products and services that don't fall into the everyday cellular retail world.

We also recognized the risk of not being to provide a true turn-key solution on the service and support we provide our customers. With this in mind, SmartNet launched our SmartConnect cellular data services. SmartConnect allows SmartNet customers to access the SmartNet RTK correction services, as well as other related online services requiring Internet such as ActiveAssist, Exchange and field-to-office file transfer, just to name a few.

SmartConnect not only allows us to supply an integrated service offering, but also allows us to provide a more complete customer support experience. You no longer have to contact multiple service providers, wasting precious operation time, to get to the bottom of the issue. For more information about SmartConnect, please contact your local SmartNet representative.

Why SmartNet?

By using industry standard RTCM formats SmartNet is truly Open to All. No matter the application, no matter the manufacturer, our Configuration & Connection Information page will show you how to get you equipment connected and working on SmartNet.
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Along with our GNSS RTK data services, SmartNet also offers static data services. RINEX data files are provided thru traditional FTP deliver or thru SpiderWeb which allows users to easily retrieve custom RINEX files via the Web!
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To subscribe to SmartNet North America, please register & you will be contacted by your local SmartNet representative. You are just a few clicks away from using SmartNet North America.

Network coverage

SmartNet North America operates over 500 stations providing GNSS network coverage in 17 states and 4 Canadian provinces. Find out if your projects have coverage or see our complete coverage map!

How it works

An introduction to RTK Networks, different network methods, industry standard messages and the economic and technical advantages of using SmartNet.

An Introduction
Different Methods