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SmartNet Strengthens Construction Offerings

SmartNet North America extends GNSS Network advantages into the Machine Control market with addition of Site Licenses to its suite of Products & Services Read More

SmartNet for the Sooner State

SmartNet is on the horizon for the Sooner State. SmartNet Oklahoma will be launching in the coming weeks and the Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors are getting a sneak peek! Read More

About Us

SmartNet is the first commercial GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Network to allow for a single connection point for coverages across North America! SmartNet currently contains more than 1,200 sites, providing both GPS only and GPS & GLONASS coverages, with full GNSS coverages being our long term goal.

Our subscription services are available at the State, Regional, National, or North America wide level for any application requiring precision GNSS corrections.

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SmartNet is truly unique in the industry, between understanding customers' needs, developing and using the latest GNSS technologies, and having the people and process to offer support that is second to none, SmartNet provides unparalleled flexibility for its users in the field.
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SmartNet offers its users many uniqure features and benefits, none of which matter if it doesn't save you time and help your bottom line. Take some time and see how SmartNet can benefit you and your company to maximize your use of GNSS positioning.
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We understand time is money. Down time in the field or not having all the information when you need it is lost dollars. We have developed a number of tools to make sure you are up to date with everything happening on SmartNet.
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